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HDOORAM 5.12" Robotic Swimming Electric Lures

HDOORAM 5.12" Robotic Swimming Electric Lures

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  • Length:13cm
  • Weight:35g
  • Working Time: 3~4 hours
  • Charging Time:1 hours
  • Material: Hard ABS Plastic,Mental, Steel Wire, 3D Eyes, Rattle ,Hooks
  • Targeting Fish: Bass, Perch, Walleye, Pike, Muskie, Roach, Trout, etc.




  • Robotic Swimming Lure uses a simulated fish swimming programming system and lighting design with a high speed motor and LED lighting.
  • Robotic Swimming Lure's body has a multi-section design, and the flexible, flexible body forms a more realistic form of fish swimming.
  • It uses a USB charging interface, which is very convenient for charging and can solve the problem of long charging time.
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